Halloween’s more fun with kids. 

baby-pumpkin-halloweenPottery Barn Kids Pumpkin Costume, American Island Jolly Roger Triblend Tee (long-sleeve available soon!), Joe’s ‘The Vixen Skinny’ DenimAbercrombie & Fitch Dolce Vita Tessey Bootie

Fall is officially in the air, and we are so excited! Anyone else love dressing someone else up, rather than yourself, for Halloween? Hehe – I wish I could have picked out 5 different costumes for Logan, whereas it was so nice not having to stress over one for myself 😉 . Not to be a downer, of course—I absolutely love it when people get into the spirit of Halloween. I love getting into the spirit too! I’ve just never really allowed myself the time and effort that goes into a badass costume, so I’m usually scrambling at the last minute to get one together and always end up disappointed. Anyway, while the baby unicorns were really tempting, I wanted to do something classically Halloween for Logan’s first.

For this look, we partnered with our friends over at American Island. Their story is really cool, so check ’em out! I knew I wanted a simple yet festive graphic tee to wear with Lo for the holiday, so the fact that this one is from a friend’s company made it all the more perfect. Vintage-inspired logo tees are really starting to trend, which I am certainly not mad about, since what is more comfy!? American Island’s quality and classic vibes makes their products all the more appealing so you know you can’t go wrong.

french painter baby pumpkin - halloween
My little French painter 🙂

skull & cross bones tee halloween

pond-halloween foliage, tee - halloween

baby pumpkin-halloween
Pumpkin toss! Just kidding, but that’s what it looks like 😉

booties-halloween foliage 2 - halloween halloween

baby halloween
Don’t let the lip fool you – she requested this costume ? 🙂

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