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Hi, ladies! If you know me, you know I love keeping it au naturale (when it comes to ingredients ?). So when First Aid Beauty reached out to me, and I learned more about their products, I was beyond excited! What I love most about FAB is that they deliver products with natural ingredients, yet high-end beauty results. Too good to be true, right? That’s what I thought!

And this is the thing I love about blogging and the blogosphere: There’s a good chance I may have never tried out this brand, had they not reached out to me. And now, after using their products for two months and absolutely LOVING them, I get to share the wonderful news with you guys, so we all learn what new things are out there! What a beautiful thing, no? πŸ™‚

So, on the natural-ingredients front, to quote their website, all of their products are “free of: Artificial Colorants and Artificial Fragrances, Parabens, Alcohol, Lanolin, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum and Sulfates.” They are also “allergy-tested, vegan, and free of oil, gluten, soy, nut, nano, and parthenolide” (!!!). And what’s more, every single one of their products in the Hello FAB line provides multiple benefits, both in beauty and actual skin health. You’ll see what I mean if you keep reading!

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skin tint first aid beauty sincerely styled brittany seiden

Triple Protection Skin Tint with Goji Berry SPF 30:

First up may be my most favorite product, but it is so hard to say. It is the Hello FAB skin tint! It provides such a perfect, thorough amount of coverage without being heavy. In fact, it feels rather light, yet a little amount of it still manages to go a long way. I have never experienced this much coverage in a one-step anything, let alone a tinted sunscreen! If I’m headed to the gym, I can leave the house with only this and a little concealer and feel perfectly confident. And a plus is that it really doesn’t even look like you’re wearing makeup! πŸ˜‰ Not only does it make you look good, but it protects your skin against sun, pollution, and environmental aggressors.

I want to emphasize the importance of using the tint that matches your skin best, in addition to taking the time of year into consideration! For instance, I am still using the Tan, but I’ll probably be making the switch to Medium come mid-fall or whenever my summer tan starts to fade. And I will quite possibly use the Light in wintertime! I gave the Fair shade to my aunt (fellow makeup fanatic) who has paler skin, and I promise you, I can tell a difference on her, easily, whenever she’s wearing it. She has pretty good skin to begin with but it looks flawless when she uses it.

Initially, after I tried it for the first time, I was actually a bit disappointed because I didn’t want to like it so much! I thought, “I’ve made it by on drugstore brands for so long. If I get hooked, this will be an ongoing expense, one I didn’t have before.” (Literally, this is where my mind goes.) But now that it’s a part of my routine, I can’t imagine living without it and understand why it is worth every penny! Plus, it is going to last for such a long time since I only use a small drop each morning.

Want to share a great trick I recently learned, which is to apply an orange/red tint to your under eyes to combat signs of fatigue and increase brightness. Because these warm colors are opposite the colors you usually find in under-eye bags (blue, purple) on a color wheel, it makes perfect sense! Anyway, I love applying an extra bit of the Tan tint to my under eyes for this reason since it’s more on the orange side. It works like a charm!

Last thing about the skin tint is that I have to mention that I love how they only use zinc oxide for the sunscreen element – this stuff is safe enough for babies! None of the scary “O” ingredients :).

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Hello FAB Mango Butter Multi Stick: In Champagne and RosΓ©:

Truth be told, I had actually been looking for a good illuminator/highlighter, as I’ve never actually owned one! That’s not to say I didn’t highlight, of course. I’ve always just used whatever I had on hand (light powders or metallic eyeshadows, etc.). But the reason I especially love this one is because it comes in a stick applicator. I conceal with a stick, and I contour with a stick, so it is only fitting, not to mention convenient, that I highlight with a stick! Sticks allow you to apply the product precisely and only in the spots you want them to go. This one is a cream-to-powder substance that is kind of like writing with a pen (or highlighter, ha ?). Whereas with straight powder, there is a bit less precision, depending on the type of brush you’re using. And with highlighting and contouring, you really want your shades to be in the right spots to get the look.

The stick is also simply more efficient for me, personally. Rather than using two tools (the makeup brush and the powder), the product is built into the applicator, for quick, accurate application. I’ve never done my makeup as quickly as I do now, and I even have more steps than I’ve ever had in the past!

I use the Champagne stick almost daily and have used the RosΓ© a few times as a blush. But I’ve been asked multiple times what I did differently or what illuminator I’m using! It really does give you a “lit-from-within” glow! And since it is super lightweight, you can add as little or as much as you want, and it never appears cakey or dry. They use superfood mango butter for extra skin nourishment. Can I get a “heck yes!!?”

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Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer:

I had written in my notes that I felt like my skin was a milky glow after applying this primer, lol! It really does feel like a healthy, superfood smoothie for your face! It even kind of smells like a smoothie (in an amazing way)! But, firstly, I had forgotten the importance of primer. I hadn’t been using it for probably a year before FAB sent this to me. And since I’ve started using this one, I’ve noticed I’m breaking out less. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’d like to think it is the protective layer of the primer between my skin and the environment, though I know a primer’s main purpose is to give your makeup something to cling to, so to speak, and, in doing so, help your look last longer throughout the day. I love that this one, rather than just a primer, is a moisturizer as well.

Ultra Repair Cream:

first aid beauty ultra repair cream blogger

Every time I remember to put this on at night, I swear I notice it in the morning. I wake up to my skin looking so refreshed and clear and vibrant! Truly! Ugh, yes, this one may be my favorite product haha. It is definitely the best moisturizer I’ve tried and a lifer for me (one I’ll use for life, lol). It makes my skin look and feel soft without going overboard to that oily-feeling stage. I should mention that I have combination skin (both dry and oily spots), and I tend to have sensitive skin that breaks out super easily when irritated.

It has that good stinging feeling when you first put it on, but then fades. You know the one I’m talking about, like you know the product is working? It is so refreshingly relaxing and I love having it be the last thing I do before heading to bed.

P.S. A little goes a longgg way. I’ve only been using it on my face and feel like it could last a year.

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3-in-1 Superfruit Color-Correcting Cushion:

I haven’t really needed this product, at least lately. Or perhaps I don’t know the proper time to use it! My skin doesn’t get blotchy or have redness very often, but I imagine it would be great for combatting that issue! It uses three universal tints to help even out tone and correct color, brighten dullness, and decrease redness, while hydrating the skin! Are we noticing a trend? Everything is not only good for the appearances of the skin, but is great for skin health too!

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Caffeine Matcha Wipes:

I was driven to use these wipes in the mornings since “caffeine” is in their title, and they really do wake you up and leave your skin feeling refreshed. The caffeine in the green tea matcha (superfood) is known to reduce puffiness. Yes, please!

first aid beauty setting aloe sprayVital Greens Face Mist:

This mist is essentially a makeup setting spray, but it is also great for hydrating your face throughout the day. I love to spritz some on just before running to the gym or before heading outside with Logan. It feels wonderfully refreshing and contains aloe vera, which we all know has skin-healing properties!

I had to include the description Sephora provides because it’s crazy good: “A cooling facial mist fortified with green superfoods to instantly quench, cool, and nourish skin and set makeup, while helping protect against environmental aggressors.” Literally, what more could you want in a face mist? Ugh, environmental aggressors are a real thing, guys! My mom is a dietician and nutritionist and always says that, since we can’t control our environments so much, we should handle what we can control, and that’s what we put into our body. Well Hello, FAB! It looks like we can do something! We can protect our skin from something other than just the sun on a daily basis!

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This brand seemed too good to be true for me, but they are the real deal, people! And this post is not sponsored in any way, other than that they sent me everything for free. They didn’t even ask that I post about it, although they were probably so sure I would want to after trying everything! Each product has been almost life-changing in its own way. Overall, my skin looks better on a daily basis and I am so happy about it :). Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions below! Otherwise, until next time!



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