Hi! I have been so excited to write my first blog post! I thought I’d start out on a bold foot (or leg) with a wide-leg trouser. Since the 70’s are being revisited (again) in a major way by fashion designers this season, these high-waisted beauties seemed all the more appropriate for my introductory ‘fit. One could argue the risk of oversized pants or a wide leg appearing unflattering, but, paired with the right top, they can be anything but. Which brings me to the turtleneck! Few pieces of clothing are as classic and easy to fall back on as an ivory turtleneck. With the pant being so bold, I naturally wanted to stick with something simple up top and loved how this choice gave the whole outfit an understated, yet elegant, feel. To me, turtlenecks have always had a way of seeming effortlessly classy.



Thank you so much for stopping by! Feel free to check out my About page to learn more about what to expect from the blog, as well as about me! I plan to post something new every couple of days, so please come again! ?

– XX – Brittany

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