Hiya, friends!! I’m not going toΒ assume you were disappointed with the absence of blog posts these past two weeks haha, but I still want to say a quick sorry for the lack thereof! With Logan getting sick, then my mom getting sick (who I rely a great deal on when it comes to help with Lo), and then my dad and aunt (who also babysits during the week sometimes) getting sick (seriously, what is going on?), I didn’t have a lot of free time, had to keep canceling plans, and the long nights made me so tired during the days, that we fell into bit of a funk. Needless to say, the blog had to take a bit of a backseat. It happens! But I am so happy to say that everyone is (for the most part) healthy and happy again!

Overalls are giving me all the fall feels this year. We shot this back when it was warmer out, but I have already paired these bad boys with a long-sleeve off-the-shoulder top (here) and can’t wait to wear them with booties and under long cardis or moto jackets.