I posted about SheIn in this post, but if you guys haven’t checked them out, you really need to! I was delighted to work with them again because, well, I literally can’t get enough, haha! I wore this dress last month when I was invited to attend a local concert, and it was the perfect look for the event: Casual, transitional, comfortable, and flattering!

Hi guys! So I really want to start posting more regularly! It’s harder than I thought it would be to find time to get photo shoots scheduled, pictures edited, and posts written while nannying and raising my babe. I started nannying actually the same week my blog went live (October 18, 2016), and whoever said that being a stay-at-home mom or caretaker isn’t “work” couldn’t have had it more wrong!

With the craziness of this crazy election and the even crazier results, I’ve been feeling a bit disheartened and so haven’t made the time to post. Plus this weekend I had food poisoning after attending the party I went to {here} (thinking artichoke dip, was the delicious yet responsible culprit) so this weekend was out of the question too…

Happy Friday! Everyone knows that when you start a fashion/style blog, it is pretty likely that you will end up supplementing your wardrobe with quite a few H&M pieces, am I right? Great, because for this bodycon look, I am head to toe H&M! As it is hard to argue their affordable prices matched with their decent quality, it’s a great place to head to when you’re looking to stack up your wardrobe with some of the current season’s essentials. While I definitely frequented the store in college…