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Cozy Feels

I remember a time when I was working in a corporate sales job on a day I didn’t have any out-of-office meetings scheduled, and I wore an actual blanket to the office. I made it look as chic as possible, of course, and it kept me feeling warm and cozy in my cubicle all day… :).

The one featured in this post, however…

๏ปฟFalling for Florals

Florals are something we traditionally associate with spring, but we all know the fashion industry and its way of breaking its own rules (white after Labor Day is one of my other current faves). There’s something wonderfully different and eye-catching about floral on dark hues, so I’m very much into this trend. The other color options for this shift dress are spot on, also. Similar to the one from my previous post, this is a dress that can easily be taken from daytime to dinner with a quick change…