Hi, guys! I wanted to do a quick roundup post of what I’ve been wearing this winter and which pieces I keep reaching for in my closet! These are the ones getting me through this cold season and they help to make my wardrobe feel interesting while keeping me warm :)!

Hiya, friends!! I’m not going toΒ assume you were disappointed with the absence of blog posts these past two weeks haha, but I still want to say a quick sorry for the lack thereof! With Logan getting sick, then my mom getting sick (who I rely a great deal on when it comes to help with Lo), and then my dad and aunt (who also babysits during the week sometimes) getting sick (seriously, what is going on?), I didn’t have a lot of free time, had to keep canceling plans, and the long nights made me so tired during the days, that we fell into bit of a funk. Needless to say, the blog had to take a bit of a backseat. It happens! But I am so happy to say that everyone is (for the most part) healthy and happy again!

Hi, guys! I know there has been a lot of coverage on this big fall sale already, but I wanted to takeΒ a minuteΒ to round up my MUST-HAVE items (all of which I do have)! These items have LITERALLY taken me through fall. I wear them daily (I wish I were exaggerating, lol). I’ve listed out the sale item(s) for each outfit picture.

Overalls are giving me all the fall feels this year. We shot this back when it was warmer out, but I have already paired these bad boys with a long-sleeve off-the-shoulder top (here) and can’t wait to wear them with booties and under long cardis or moto jackets.

NEW items at DISCOUNTED prices, and they are selling out FAST!! Shop my top picks and wardrobe staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! …If you’re anything like me, you love a good sale. But, again, if you’re anything like me, you want the NEW-NEW, which is why the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is such a BIG. DEAL. It features brand new items that are discounted to sale prices for a limited time!!

Fall is officially in the air, and we are so excited! Anyone else love dressing someone else up, rather than yourself, for Halloween? Hehe – I wish I could have picked out 5 different costumes for Logan, whereas it was so nice not having to stress over one for myself πŸ˜‰ . Not to be a downer, of courseβ€”I absolutely love it when people get into the spirit…