Hi guys! I hope everyone had the best holiday season!! Nothing makes me happier than having all of my family under one roof, so I was happy as a clam this entire break. I do feel like I need a vacation from this vacation though, haha, likely because of all of the activities and parties and gatherings we attended, the sweets I’ve been consuming, the lack of sleep, and the head cold I got from my brother. My body is ready to go back to real life. My skin is ready for real life again, too!

I still can’t believe my baby girl is one year old ?!! Her first birthday has made me look back on this year emotionally and gratefully, but most of all, so fondly; everything, from the early days of living in a sleep-deprived blur and considering each venture out of the apartment a victory (and germs, the plague), to today, where, though somewhat still a bit sleep deprived, life is anything but blurry.