Hi, guys! I wanted to do a quick roundup post of what I’ve been wearing this winter and which pieces I keep reaching for in my closet! These are the ones getting me through this cold season and they help to make my wardrobe feel interesting while keeping me warm :)!

Hi, guys! I know there has been a lot of coverage on this big fall sale already, but I wanted to takeΒ a minuteΒ to round up my MUST-HAVE items (all of which I do have)! These items have LITERALLY taken me through fall. I wear them daily (I wish I were exaggerating, lol). I’ve listed out the sale item(s) for each outfit picture.

Hi guys! To make up for my lack in blog posts recently, I’m doing one with a BUNCH of different looks! πŸ˜€ Actually, the MIA-ness is due to prepping for posts I have coming up, a few of which highlight multiple looks in one, so that has called for extra shoots and edits!

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do a “Fitting Room Diaries” post for awhile now. It’s become less common for people to shop in stores, versus online, so the aspect of trying clothing on…

To close out 2016, I rounded up my current wardrobe essentials and the different ways I’ve styled them recently. What makes these pieces major must-haves are their functionality, versatility, and, of course, their stylish aesthetic!

Before we get to them, I just want to say thank you so much for following along on this journey of ours. I launched this blog in October of 2016, so it has only been a few months, but I already know this is something I am so passionate about continuing…