Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 My picks

Installment #2 of the #NSALE is here just in time for the sale going PUBLIC! After shoes, I like to use this sale to stock up on other equally-important essentials and fall staples, like sweaters and jackets! Because they are pieces we reach for so often in the coming season, they are ones that need to be durable and reliable when it comes to quality and comfort, making them items you might want to splurge on, similar to shoes or jeans. Of course, it isn’t reallyΒ splurgingΒ if the prices are this good, is it!? Hehe.

The only thing tripping me up with this sale is the fact that there are literally TOO MANY good picks!! So much so that I considered making sweaters and jackets two different categories, but then figured clumping them together would speed this process along, since there is still much to get to (jeans, jewelry, beauty, etc)! If only my full time job were shopping for you guys (and myself)!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

OKAY, so now to the good stuff. Simply CLICK AN ITEM TO SHOP IT, below!!

There is so much to say about these pieces. First off, where have you heard of getting a BRAND NEW Columbia jacket for $70?? Also, this cashmere waterfall vest is now in my closet, and I plan to wear it all of fall and even layer it in the winter because it adds so much to any outfit. In love, basically. You have to own at least one cool-girl bomber for fall, amiright?? They are so edgy and, well, cool, and are the perfect thing to reach for as you head out the door. They’d be cute with jeans, and even dresses and booties!

Happy shopping, guys!! Be sure to head here for more of my sweater and jacket picks!

Heart you guys!!


XX, Brittany

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