The season where wearing a blanket is more than acceptable.

color block shawlVintage Color Block Shawl (similar here and here), H&M TurtleneckPaige Denim, Sperry Riding Boots (similar here), Michael Kors Watch

I remember a time when I was working in a corporate sales job on a day I didn’t have any out-of-office meetings scheduled, and I wore an actual blanket to the office. I made it look as chic as possible, of course, and it kept me feeling warm and cozy in my cubicle all day… :).

The one featured in this post, however, is actually a shawl; so it isn’t quite a poncho and definitely not a blanket—but it feels just like one! There is something amazing that happens when you can take an insanely comfy piece of clothing and have it look and feel chic. I attest the latter to the styling, of course! After pairing this shawl with a seasonal staple (the turtleneck) and some riding boots, I felt like I could wear it to lunch, dinner, drinks, run errands, or all of the above. The differing neutral shades of browns and tans give it a very fall feel too, which is always a plus.




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