Sincerely Styled Brittany Seiden fshion blogger style denim jacket gingham dressHi, guys! I hope everyone had a relaxing or fun weekend! Logan spent the night at her grandparent’s for the first time on Saturday, and while I’m so glad they all had fun, it wasn’t entirely successful because, since she still nurses to sleep and won’t take a bottle, it’s pretty tricky for anyone else to get her to sleep. I finally ended up picking her up at six in the morning so that her grandparents could get some sleep, and the poor baby’s sleep schedule is so off that she has been sleeping ALL DAY, which is the only reason I’m able to work on this blog post right now!! So it wasn’t a complete fail? Lol, will probably have to wait awhile before we try it again though. But in other news, it allowed me to go to a dine-in movie theatre last night for the first time! Super fun!

Okay, moving on to this outfit. I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on this gingham dress from Shein. I suppose it’s the fun details and how different it is! The open back and three bow ties are adorable, as are the flute sleeves! I’ve worn it out to dinner, to a fall barbecue, to a wine festival, and even out to a few low-key bars in the city. It is literally the dress for ANY occasion, and I wear it for almost every one of them, haha! I’ve paired it with ankle booties, but particularly love it with tall boots to warm it up for fall. I think these boots just sold out because of the sale, so I will link similar ones below.Sincerely-StyledBow-tie-open-back-gingham-dress-fluted-sleeves-brittany-seidenShein gingham dress denim jacket blogger sincerely styled brittany seiden

These were taken outside of my mom’s cooking schoolhouse!



P.S. Keep a look out for my Nordstrom Fall Sale Review post, coming up!! Have a great start to your week!




  1. Love gingham on you! And so glad we’re in so many blogger groups together- i feel like we’re friends! 🙂

  2. Aww, I hope that the baby’s schedule is back to normal and even though I’m an adult now I will forever miss spending time with my grandparents. Besides your beautiful blog post, I love this gingham style dress. It looks amazing on you. x

  3. That dress was a total steal! For $18, it’s so incredible cute! Thanks for sharing beauty!

  4. This gingham dress is SO cute I love it! What a gorgeous summer look xx