Happy Wednesday! I modeled for a local company recently, and when I learned just how much I loved the brand, and they found out I was a blogger, we decided to collaborate – and I am SO glad we did! Sleepyheads Pajamas (same company as Pajama Mania) has such a variety of styles, and they specialize specifically in pajamas, so you know they’re going to be good!

I still can’t believe my baby girl is one year old ?!! Her first birthday has made me look back on this year emotionally and gratefully, but most of all, so fondly; everything, from the early days of living in a sleep-deprived blur and considering each venture out of the apartment a victory (and germs, the plague), to today, where, though somewhat still a bit sleep deprived, life is anything but blurry.

Fall is officially in the air, and we are so excited! Anyone else love dressing someone else up, rather than yourself, for Halloween? Hehe – I wish I could have picked out 5 different costumes for Logan, whereas it was so nice not having to stress over one for myself πŸ˜‰ . Not to be a downer, of courseβ€”I absolutely love it when people get into the spirit…

Happy Friday! Everyone knows that when you start a fashion/style blog, it is pretty likely that you will end up supplementing your wardrobe with quite a few H&M pieces, am I right? Great, because for this bodycon look, I am head to toe H&M! As it is hard to argue their affordable prices matched with their decent quality, it’s a great place to head to when you’re looking to stack up your wardrobe with some of the current season’s essentials. While I definitely frequented the store in college…