Hieee! I’m Brittany Seiden, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my fiancé, Jeff, and our daughter, Logan Penelope.

When we found out we were having a baby, I decided I would go back to work only part time once she was born. Raising her has been, without a doubt, the best time of my life, and I feel beyond blessed that we have been able to work out a system that allows me  to spend every day with her.

What to Expect from Sincerely Styled

What I hope to bring to the table that is already occupied by thousands (nay, millions?) of fashion blogs, is styling IRL (in real life), or wearing a typical wardrobe to its fullest potential. Rather than featuring brand new clothing every day, mine will function around mixing and matching pieces in different ways to create new looks. Growing up, my dad was always scolding me for having bought new clothes, when in actuality I was often wearing pieces I had owned for quite awhile in ways or combinations that made him think he had never seen them before. Similarly, at work, my colleagues would comment that I never wore the same outfit twice, which was far from the case, but always a pleasant surprise to hear (since I was most definitely not receiving a pay check that warranted new outfits for every work day). It seems appropriate, given the context, to continue showcasing some of my “legitimacy,” so, in case you’re still not convinced that I may have somewhat of an idea of what I’m doing, I’ll simply add that I was awarded the superlative of “Best Dressed” in high school. #goals, I know. That is all ;P.

So, on the blog, you can expect to see repeat pieces worn differently throughout the month, or even season, as well as an occasional “recap” post, detailing my go-to items with links to view the different ways in which they were styled.

One last thing: Thank you so much for stopping by! I would love to hear from you, so feel free to drop me a line or reach out to me via Instagram or Snapchat! I am all ears for comments, suggestions, or questions 🙂 🙂

– XX – Brittany


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