November 2016



A strong look with a soft touch // Hi guys! Logan, my mom, and I came to Chicago for half of this week to visit my siblings and niece, and it’s been such a wonderful mini getaway. Who doesn’t need one once in awhile ??? I’m so excited to share pics from a couple outfit shoots we did here…


With the craziness of this crazy election and the even crazier results, I’ve been feeling a bit disheartened and so haven’t made the time to post. Plus this weekend I had food poisoning after attending the party I went to {here} (thinking artichoke dip, was the delicious yet responsible culprit) so this weekend was out of the question too…

Cozy Feels

I remember a time when I was working in a corporate sales job on a day I didn’t have any out-of-office meetings scheduled, and I wore an actual blanket to the office. I made it look as chic as possible, of course, and it kept me feeling warm and cozy in my cubicle all day… :).

The one featured in this post, however…